Aylin Nazlıaka sent to CHP’s Disciplinary council for Atatürk portrait scandal

On Sunday, main Turkish opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) MPs approved sending Ankara CHP MP Aylin Nazlıaka to the party disciplinary committee. The move may result in Nazlıaka’s dismissal from the party. During Sunday’s session, 54 CHP deputies voted “yes” for Nazlıaka’s dismissal whereas four others objected.

Aylin Nazlıaka offense stems from her claim that an unnamed CHP MP had removed a portrait of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk from their office. Before the voting, Deputy Necati Yılmaz took the floor and said that he was the person accused of taking down the portrait.

The CHP also released a statement on Sunday:

It has been decided that Ankara deputy and Party Assembly member Aylin Nazlıaka, who led to CHP being debated in public opinion by making unsubstantiated and false claims that a CHP deputy took down a portrait of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in their parliament room, is referred to disciplinary committee for her dismissal within the party’s 68/A, F, and 70/A-a-b numbered decrees in its law.


Female Officers at the Fore in Turkey’s Struggle against Domestic Abuse

A female police officer has been appointed head of the Public Order Unit Bureau for Fighting Domestic Violence against Women and Children in the Istanbul Police Department. Dozens of such offices have been established across the country to provide specialization for cases in domestic violence against women and children.

Kıymet Bilir Değerli, 39, was appointed head of the Istanbul Police Department Public Order Unit Bureau for Fighting Domestic Violence against Women and Children by the Turkish National Police (EGM).

As a result of plans by the Family and Social Policies and Interior Ministries, the bureaus were established in all of Turkey’s provinces to support the struggle against domestic violence.


Turkish Airlines’ Success the Subject of Harvard Course

On Tuesday, Turkish Airlines’ success has become a case study at Harvard Business School (HBS).

According to Daily Sabah, the case study called “Turkish Airlines: Widen Your World” explores the company’s transformation from a regional actor to a global powerhouse in the international aviation industry, and discusses its fast and profitable growth.

HBS faculty member Prof. Juan Alcacer and HBS Istanbul Research Center’s Executive Director Esel Çekin explained that:

Forecasts for the sector predict approximately 7 percent passenger and capacity growth in 2016. Turkish Airlines plans to achieve 21 percent capacity and 18 percent passenger growth in 2016. Anticipated passenger traffic passing through Istanbul from Europe to the Middle East and Asia and from North America to the Middle East will triple in the next 20 years. Given this potential, Turkish Airlines expects to continue to grow over that period.

On Tuesday, Turkish Airlines Deputy Chair and CEO Dr. Temel Kotil visited HBS in Boston to make a speech to MBA students.

Turkish Airlines also was the pregame show sponsor of the CBS-hosted Super Bowl 50. The Super Bowl, the championship game of the U.S. National Football League, is the U.S.’ most-watched televised event.


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