The latest EU Progress Report on Turkey created a sizeable controversy in the Turkish media due to its content.

The EU parliament approved the report written by Dutch socialist member Kati Pari. However, it seems that other EU parliament members have not paid much attention to the report since it contains particularly interesting and inaccurate claims about Turkey’s restive southeast.

The first version of the report had even more outrageous claims, such as Turkish lawmaker Eren Erdem’s sarin gas allegation, which was been modified to a certain extent:

The report still included absurdities, though. For example, it assumed that the PKK’s youth wing, the YDGH, only digs trenches, so they must have the right to free demonstration. Socialist Mrs. Piri, apparently, chose to ignore the YDGH’s other activities, such as placing improvised explosive devices in those trenches and civilian buildings, or using RPGs and  snipers to target Turkish security forces. It also claimed that the PKK’s sister organization TAK, which perpetrated two separate suicide bombing attacks in Western Turkey, had no ties with the PKK.

And what is by far the report’s most absurd allegations appear in the part on the “Esedullah teams” inside the Turkish police forces. Let’s first read it:

” Is dismayed by the actions of special operations police forces known as ‘Esedullah teams’, which appear to be responsible for grave human rights violations, including the deliberate killing of civilians in the southeast of Turkey; demands a thorough investigation by the Turkish authorities into the actions of the ‘Esedullah teams’, and full accountability and punishment of those guilty of human rights violations. ”

It is known that some special operation members in the security forces wrote “Esedullah teams” on the street walls in some liberated areas of Silvan and Sur after successful operations against the PKK. However, the General Directorate of Security has already issued a circular to stop such slogans from appearing again. And an investigation was launched against the security members responsible for the original wall writing incidents.

There is no other well-documented news piece claiming that “Esedullah Teams” are a part of the Turkish police forces and are deliberately killing civilians. And other than the rumors, even PKK-affiliated human right organizations and bar associations cannot  produce any document or reliable information regarding the existence or crimes of such teams. And even HDP lawmakers are not one hundred-percent sure given that they directed a parliamentary inquiry about their existence to the Interior Minister.

Apparently, an EU rapporteur is sure that the “Esedullah teams” are part of the Turkish police forces and are deliberately killing civilians, when even the HDP isn’t  sure!

But how could she know that? Of course, from the stories in PKK-affiliated news agencies, which went as far as claiming that Esedullah teams are an element of ISIS.

We hope that the Dutch rapporteur’s source was not that Dutch journalist who confessed that she would be disappointed if the PKK disarmed.

But now that Turkey is also in the category of “free fire zone” countries, none of these “details” are important. So what if they lied?

But then they will have to deal with the fact that their reports are not taken seriously.


Yıldıray Oğur
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