The AP invents new ways to spin PKK violence by reporting that:

”Clashes between Turkey’s security forces and the rebels of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, reignited in July, shattering a fragile peace process.
Authorities have since imposed extended curfews in flashpoint neighborhoods and towns in the mainly Kurdish-populated southeast region of the country as the security forces battle Kurdish militants who are linked to the PKK. Those militants have mounted barricades, dug trenches and set up explosives to keep authorities away. The operations have resulted in more than a hundred civilian casualties, and displaced thousands, human rights groups say.”

However, the AP gets the facts wrong:

1) The PKK unilaterally re-started hostilities in July.

2) The militants set up the barricades, dug trenches, and rigged IEDs(Improvised Explosive Devices) before Turkish security forces began their operations. This is obvious since the PKK’s activities are the reason for the security operations.

3) The aforementioned barricades, trenches, and IEDs are intended as siege defenses defending the territory, according to their jargon, that they have “liberated.” So they are not intended to keep security forces “away,” but rather “out.” The civilians trapped inside of the “defenses” are effectively hostages and human shields.

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