A Turkish journalist working for the Wall Street Journal shared a tweet on her timeline yesterday, heralding the news of a Turkish woman who supposedly “offered” herself to President Erdogan as wife “as was to the Prophet during his jihad.”

Of course the account, which belongs to a staff worker at a local municipality, was hacked months ago, and a quick check shows the timeline is full of absurd statements. This is a typical, Islamophobic, and thoroughly disgusting attack against a religious woman’s dignity.

The tweet created a huge uproar in Turkish social media. The Women and Democracy Association, a well-known İstanbul-based feminist organization, released this statement:

“It is strange that people who associate themselves with values such as enlightenment, science, and rationalism take whatever is written on social media as the truth without devoting any effort to verifying the nature of that information. Unfortunately these people, given the opportunity, are overwhelmed by the urge to target religious people and lynch a young woman on social media.”

So why did Ayla Albayrak want to translate this absurd attack for her followers, as if the tweet was genuine?

Maybe it is a simple mistake by a reporter who just wanted to have fun with this nonsensical statement without thinking through the consequences. And Ms. Albayrak did respond to a tweet warning her that the tweet in question came from a hacked account.

So, Ms. Albayrak, isn’t an apology in order?

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