Donald Trump’s unbelievable Islamophobic rhetoric and Ahmed the clockmaker’s arrest have given a golden opportunity to those who want to show the world how much they love Muslims. Remarks like “I have a Muslim friend,” “Muslims built a great civilization in the past,” or “not all Muslims are terrorists, some of them even served in our army, please!” are old-fashioned and now clichéd. Something new was needed and has been found, thank God. Criticize Trump for what he said about a total shutdown on Muslims’ entering the US and you’ll get the “best Muslim friendly person of the year” prize, even if you are Hillary Clinton.

Did you back Israel and blame Hamas when Gaza was bombed and civilians were killed by Israeli airstrikes? It doesn’t matter, you tweeted against Trump!

Did you promise Israeli businessman Haim Saban to work against the anti-Israel BDS movement? Never mind, I’m sure that you stood with Ahmed.

Hillary Clinton and many others wash their hands with Trump’s absurdity. I, however, still can hear what Clinton said on TV while Gazan children playing football on a beach were being killed by Israeli naval fire:

“Yes, and they’re trapped by their leadership. Unfortunately, it’s a two-pronged trapping. They have leadership that is committed to resistance and violence, and therefore their actions are mostly about ‘how do we get new and better missiles to launch them at Israel,’ instead of saying hey, let’s try and figure out how we’re going to help make your lives better.”

Neither these children nor other civilians in Gaza were massacred by Hamas. They were targeted by the State of Israel but Clinton does not have enough guts to say it; whereas attacking Trump, aka the most criticized man in America, is more comfortable and profitable.

You know that even Netanyahu did it!

The liberal media wants us to believe a “bigot republicans” and “progressive democrats” dichotomy, but not accepting the ridiculous projects of Trump does not make someone progressive or Muslim friendly. The worst possibility (Trump and what he represents) is promoted and people are forced to accept a less bad possibility (H. Clinton and what she represents). Let’s look at Clinton’s voting record: She voted FOR the Patriot Act in 2001 and for the revised version in 2006 (Also Obama approved the extension of expiring Patriot Act provisions in 2011). If we accept the existence of “American values,” Hillary Clinton is not close to them at all.

Ahmed the clockmaker also has become a figure exploited to show how “I’m against Islamic terrorism, not Muslims.” Everyone tried to take a slice of this delicious cake.

We should also ask how many bright children have died in the US’ drone strikes in Yemen or Pakistan? Obama feels comfortable enough to make jokes about drones, but this is not a joke for the Muslim civilians killed under the pretext of the “war on terror.” How about Obama’s “Ramadan speech” in 2014? In a White House iftar dinner, Obama told the Muslims present why Israel has the right to bomb Gaza. Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., who was invited to that iftar (why?), also appreciated what Obama said:

Can a photo or a supporting tweet clean “progressive” Obama’s record?

The worst thing about Trump and other “extremists” is not their awful ideas, but that they make bad options or alternatives seem preferable or even good. Their absurdity gives hypocritical politicians more chances to tell more lies.

Osman Çorumlu
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